Raising Domesticated Goats

Thinking of raising goats? It’s certainly an exciting project! Watching baby goats run, jump, and frolic will never fail to make you laugh. You can raise goats as pets or show goats, or as sources of milk, fiber, or meat.

Raising and taking care of goats generally isn’t more difficult than raising and taking care of a dog, but there are some considerations which should be addressed before you decide to set out on such a venture. You need to determine if your site is zoned for goats, make sure you have selected a vet who is able to care for your goats, and ensure you have the proper housing and maintenance details squared away before you bring your goats to their new home.

There are over 100 different species of goat, although only a few which are commonly raised in Texas. They live approximately 15-18 years. Nubians are the most common if you’re interested in milk, Boer if you’re interested in meat, or Angora if you’re interested in fiber. There are also breeds which are more for “fun,” such as the fainting goat. If you’re raising milk goats, you’ll have the opportunity to teach your students about breeding, raising babies, milking, and making milk-based products such as cheese or soap. Fiber goats look awesome, and can provide you with wool for all kinds of crafting products. Meat goats are quite sturdy, and the meat is delicious. Take the time to make well-thought-out choices ahead of starting your project, and you’re sure to be successful.