Using & teaching

Curriculum connections are on-going when building and maintaining pollinator gardens.

Below are GENERAL curriculum resources that support the use of schoolyard and pollinator habitat gardens:

Pollinator Events and Campaigns:

Pollinator Resources:

Below are some collected resources specifically for monarch pollinator habitat (which is automatically beneficial to a variety of pollinators). These resources are part of the National Wildlife Federation Monarch Heroes Program:

The following activities are organized by the time windows appropriate for Monarchs:

Recommended for June - September

  • Schoolyard Habitat Site Analysis – sets the stage for your garden design and work
  • Order Monarch Tags from Monarch Watch - If you are considering tagging monarchs with your students this fall, USPS First Class Mail can take up to 3-4 weeks for delivery so plan accordingly

Recommended for September – October

**Peak monarch fall migration in Central TX is typically first 2 weeks of October

**Nectar plants are important in the fall

Recommended for April

**Peak spring migration is typically mid-to-late April

**Milkweed and nectar plants are both important in spring

  • Students hold a community forum to educate the larger school community about what they have learned about the Monarch butterfly and what actions they can take in their own backyards to help the monarchs
  • Learn more about local, native milkweeds in the TPWD Identification of Milkweeds in Texas guide