O. Henry Middle School

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"I believe our garden is successful because it can easily accommodate the diverse interests and needs of our students and faculty. For some, the garden provides a classroom in which to learn about ecology or find inspiration for a short story, for others it is a nursery where one can develop and practice their horticultural skills, and for many it simply provides a quite space for introspection and reflection."

Keys to Success

  • The habitat is located close to the Science classrooms
  • Science classes are outdoors using the space a lot, integrating it into their curriculum
  • Other teachers on campus use the habitat for Art, Reading, Life Skills, etc.
  • Summer watering calendar
  • Garden clean up days on Saturdays throughout the school year


  • Summer maintenance
  • Teacher turnover
  • Maintaining water levels in the pond

O. Henry Middle School turned a weedy interior courtyard into a garden that is flourishing with native flora and fauna. Located close to the Science classrooms, students are often out engaging with the garden as part of their curriculum.